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First Sunday of Advent

December 3, 2023

Dear People of Saint John’s,

This Sunday we begin a new liturgical year with the First Sunday of Advent. In our Gospel reading, our Lord tells us to be alert to the signs of his coming: “Keep awake—for you do not know when the master of the house will come, in the evening, or at midnight, or at cockcrow, or at dawn, or else he may find you asleep when he comes suddenly. And what I say to you I say to all: Keep awake.” I have the privilege of preaching: how can we welcome the sudden interruptions of the God who comes?

The 2024 Church Year Guide, "Churchman's Ordo," calendars are available in the narthex. This wall calendar marks traditional feasts and devotional days celebrated across the Anglican Communion. Please bring a copy home and take some for others who may enjoy this useful reference.

For those of you who will be worshiping with us via live stream, be sure to let us know that you are there through the chat feature, so that we can greet you before the Offertory at the service. The services and bulletins will be found here. Come join in worship!

With gratitude for our life together,

Mother Judith

Sunday's Bulletin Live Stream

Calendar and Announcements


Sunday's Hymns

Processional Hymn ~ O Come, O Come, Emmanuel ~ Hymn 56
Sequence Hymn ~ Rejoice! Rejoice, Believers ~ Hymn 68
Offertory Hymn ~ Sleepers, Wake! ~ Hymn 61
Post Communion Hymn ~ Seek Ye First ~ Hymn 711
Recessional Hymn ~ Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus ~ Hymn 66


What to Look For (to Send a Chat)

Once you are viewing the live stream by pressing the link above, there should be a "conversation" to the right of the stream (Top Chat). Like this:

Messages populate from the bottom of the box. You add your message by typing on the "Say something..." line and pressing Enter (or clicking/tapping on the right-pointed arrow under your message). Other messages that come in after yours will file in underneath yours in the running chat above the entry line.

If you're watching the live stream in full screen mode, you'll need to find the chat box. This might be found using the arrow at the bottom center of the screen under the red line. You'll have to click or tap on the screen to see this option, similar to when you want to pause or change the volume, etc.

See that little white down arrow/carat under the red line and Scroll for details? If you tap on that, the screen pulls up, and you see the chat box. You may need to scroll up further to see the "Say something" line.

 Sunday Liturgy will be available on YouTube after the conclusion of the 10 am service. 

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